What is the aim behind Glokidz?

The multi-cultural characters in Glokidz aim to create a buzz or trend that being ‘good’ is cool.

What does Glokidz stand for?
Glokidz stands for bringing out the inner glow in children, that is to be the best they can be.

How is this to be achieved?
Initially through fun stories that explore morals and values and how to include them in our behaviour and actions on a day to day basis.
The fun factor is important when teaching positive attitude which is a key element in all walks of life.

And what age group?
The age group is 4-9 year olds.

Is it just a morals series that Glokidz produce?
Glokidz aims to cover 3 areas

The first series is to promote good citizenship according to the ECM Agenda as previously mentioned.

The second series aims to unite people through similarities in their faith and highlights how all religions point towards goodness.

The third series appreciates diversity through the characters and explores different cultures: styles of living, cuisine, fashion and language.

Will you be holding any workshops?
We would love to! At the moment we will be participating in exhibitions. Eventually we will like to expand into running holiday workshops. To polish children in fine etiquettes and participate in fun global activities!

What is the structure of Glokidz?
We are a handful of fun-loving individuals who are dedicated to the Glokidz vision. Glokidz Media is a Limited Company with a very social initiative. We hope to influence children in being useful Members of society and also hope to give a percentage of our profits to a dedicated charity annually.

Are you looking to expand?
Yes! Glokidz is currently looking for support in terms of funding, workshop leaders or individuals who are just passionate about making a difference to join in. Please do fill in our support form it’s great encouragement for us here at Glokidz!

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